We want all of our Cooplers to find work as quickly. That’s why we encourage you to add as many job profiles as possible. The more job profiles you have, the more jobs you will see. 

If, for example, you have worked in multiple hospitality roles but only have one job profile as a bartender, it’s a good idea to add new job profiles that reflect your experience. 

You may also want to spend a few minutes making profile improvements. One good way to do this is by adding photos to your profile. Head to the profile tab and select the camera icon to add a new photo.

Aside from a cover portrait, you can add a casual portrait and a casual full length photo. If you’re interested in hospitality roles, you can also add a formal full-length photo which is a great way to make your profile stand-out to employers.

If you have any additional qualifications such as an NVQ in cookery, be sure to add those to your profile too. To add a certificate or a diploma, go to the documents section in your profile settings.

Occasionally employers will need to recruit Cooplers who can speak more than one language. You can also add language skills to your profile by selecting ‘language skills’ from the profile settings menu.

Last but by no-means least, you can always apply for more jobs. We have a wide range of flexible work available on the app and we add jobs daily - so be sure to check-back regularly! 

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