Nobody likes rejections, but please don’t be discouraged from applying for more jobs. To reduce your chances of being rejected for a job, you should make sure your profile is fully up to date and be sure to add any certificates, diplomas and qualifications you may have too. 

For more information on creating a great profile, check out our guide.

If your profile is already up to date, then you could follow these simple tips:

Apply quickly

Employers can make decisions pretty fast, so as soon as you receive a notification about a new job, or notice one on the app, be sure to apply right away. Keep an eye out for any last-minute requests we may send you too, as your chances for being hired are generally greater for these jobs.

Be open to a wide range of jobs

It's also advised (especially before you have your first rating), to not apply too many filters to your job search. Quite often it's worth travelling a little bit further, or perhaps working a couple of shifts that have unsociable hours in order to get some ratings.

Once you have a few good ratings and have built up your profile, you will have a greater chance of getting more jobs that you're interested in.

Good luck!

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