Once you're hired for a job, it's extremely important that you turn up for the shift. If however, you really cannot attend, you will need to read our cancellation policy.

To cancel a shift which is due to start in at least 24 hours head to the job details screen, scroll to the bottom and tap 'Cancel Job'.

You will then be able to de-select the shifts you cannot attend on the following screen. If you cannot attend any of the shifts, you will need to make sure every shift is selected.

Once you've selected the shifts you wish to cancel, you will need to provide a reason for the cancellation.

Then it's just a case of re-confirming the cancellation by tapping the 'Yes, I'm Sure' button.

Please note 👉 We keep a record of all cancellations, so please make sure you only cancel when you really have to. If you repeatedly use the job cancellation feature, it may harm your chances of being hired for future jobs.

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