The right to work assessment is a process where we check that you can work legally with us. We are required by the UK government to check the right to work of every person before we can employ them. After we approve your right to work, you’ll be able to work across more than 140 roles, receive payment and get employment benefits like holiday pay and pension.

What details do you need to prove your Right to Work?

Your nationality and legal status in the United Kingdom determines the details type you need to add to pass your right to work assessment. Let’s look at them in detail:

If you are a British or Irish national, you need to add one of the following documents:

  • A valid passport or
  • A birth certificate and proof of your national insurance number. This can be a payslip, P60, P45 or home office letter

If you are an EU national, you need to add all of these details and documents:

  • A valid passport or valid national ID card

If you are a national from outside the UK, Ireland or the EU, you need to add all of these details and documents:

  • A valid passport
  • A valid right to work or immigration status document. This can be a biometric card or any other document listed by the Home Office. A ‘share code’ is also valid.

Please upload all your relevant details to your profile before you start your online right to work process. You’ll also need to bring the same details and documents to your online assessment and show them on camera. A member of our team will review both of them to make sure you have the right to work with us.

Do your right to work

Once you understand the details we need to see to approve your right to work, follow the steps we describe in this article to upload a copy of your details and start your right to work process.

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