Your nationality and immigration status determine the documents we need to see to check your right to work.

Please upload the right documents to your profile and start your right to work check. Once we verify everything, you'll officially be a Coopler! Apply for jobs, get paid, make tax contributions and enjoy holiday pay, a pension scheme and more.

Right to work documents

If you are a British or Irish national, you need to add one of the following documents to your Profile:

  • A passport (we accept expired passports as long as your picture is recognizable) or

  • A birth certificate and proof of your national insurance number. This can be a payslip, P60, P45 or home office letter

If you are an EU national and arrived in the UK before 01/01/2021, you need to add these documents to your Profile:

If you are an EU national and arrived in the UK after 01/01/2021 or you are a non-EU national, you need to add these documents to your profile

  • A valid passport

  • A valid visa, leave to remain or immigration status document. This can be a biometric card or any other document listed by the Home Office. A ‘share code’ is also valid.

How to add your right to work documents

  1. Open the Coople Job App

  2. Tap on your Profile

  3. Tap on Documents

  4. Add your right to work documents. Please make sure that you:

  • Upload a copy of the front and the back of any document

  • Check that the entire document is visible, we can’t accept cut off images

  • Ensure the text is clear and easy to read, not blurred

Next steps

Please do your right to work check so that we can hire you.

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