You have control over who receives your job requests. We have thousands of Cooplers with experience in a wide range of industries on our platform, which makes finding the right staff easy. 

When you select a job role and an experience level, this is matched with the Cooplers who have the same job role and experience on their profile. They will then receive a notification informing them of your job request. 

If however, you want to invite your favourite Cooplers to apply for the job, you can use the ‘Invite Pools’ option. Select ‘My Favourites’ from the drop-down list and your favourite Cooplers will be sent the request.

If you want to reach as many Cooplers as possible, just make sure the visible to all Cooplers box is ticked. Your job will then be sent to all the Cooplers on the platform.

If you want specific Cooplers to apply for the job, you can use the Add Cooplers button. Click the button and you’ll get a list of the Cooplers that match your job requirements. From there you can individually select the Cooplers you want to send the job request to.

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