When a worker completes a job for you, they have to send their hours to you for approval. If you have workers waiting to have their hours approved, you will notice a banner above your main calendar telling you how many hours you need to approve. 

All you need to do is click on the ‘review hours’ button, and you’ll be taken to the hours approval screen. 

On the hours approval screen, you should see a list of the workers who worked for you on the left-hand side. The amount of shifts awaiting your approval is also displayed. If they worked a number of shifts for you, simply click on the tick-box to bulk-accept all their shifts. 

You can approve shifts individually by clicking the tick-box in the middle of a single ‘shift-box’, or for more detail, you can click on ‘review’ to look at the reported hours for a single shift. Once you’re done, click the red ‘approve shifts’ button. 


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