When it comes to making your profile stand out, a good CV is essential. It’s a good idea to use positive language and to highlight your achievements in the past jobs you’ve held. 

Be sure that it’s fully up-to-date, includes all your relevant experience and that you take the time to highlight your skills. To help you create the type of CV that gets results, we’ve put together some top tips…

Keep it concise

Generally speaking, employers don’t have the time to go through page after page. Usually a CV should be no longer than two pages long. Get rid of any content that isn’t relevant and keep it to the point. 

No gaps 

Obvious gaps in your CV may make an employer suspicious. If you have been out of work, there may be a way to put a positive spin on it. Perhaps you did a course, developed your skills or did some volunteer work. If you did, be sure to shout about it on your CV! 

Keep it current

Your CV should always be up-to-date. If your latest position on your CV was 12 months ago, an employer is going to be wondering what you have been doing since. An up-to-date CV is the best way to avoid these types of questions. 

No errors

Some roles will be particularly competitive, and you may end up losing out on jobs because of errors within your CV. Put simply, a CV full of errors is giving employers an easy excuse to dismiss your application. If you’re at all unsure over the content, you can always ask someone else to check it over. Be sure that it’s a PDF before you upload it too.

Honesty is the best policy

Your CV will be checked, so it’s always best to take the honest approach. If you feel your experience is particularly lacking, you may want to think about the type of skills you acquired with each role, rather than talking about your achievements or responsibilities.

Don’t forget how it looks

One of the quickest ways you can make your CV stand out is by improving the way it looks. Employers will see the same type of CV every day, so if you can make yours look different, they may be more inclined to pay your CV special attention. 

Use bullet points, and keep your sentences short for better design, and think about including imagery. 

Above all you don’t want to overload employers with great big blocks of text. So as your adding information, don’t just think about what you’re writing, but think about the way it looks too.


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