Job profiles reflect your experience and will determine the types of job you can apply for with Coople. It’s essential that you add at least one job profile, which you can do via the profile tab. 

Just below your picture you will see the amount of job profiles you currently have. Simply tap here to add one - you can add up to fifty job profiles in total, and the more you add, the more jobs you will see.

The job profiles are as varied as the jobs we have on Coople. From waiters and bartenders, to office assistants and promoters, there are plenty of different profiles available. 

Once you’ve selected a profile, you may also be asked to add your experience level. For example bartenders are divided into three different experience levels: Novice, Intermediate and Skilled. 

After you select an experience level, the job profile will be added. You will then see the roles matching your new job profile, along with the jobs matching your other job profiles. 

Having more profiles not only allows you to see more jobs, but it means you can apply for more jobs too which will increase your chances of getting hired.

 So, if you have relevant experience in a range of jobs, make sure you add enough job profiles to see the jobs that reflect your experience.


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