Using tags

With Coople you can give each job you create a tag. Using tags is a quick and easy way to group jobs together and they make it much easier for you to find groups of related jobs. 

To add a tag, simply navigate to the the three dots underneath the job in your calendar view.

You'll then be taken to a menu where you can give a job up to ten tags. 

You can give the tags any name you want. Then it's just a case of applying the same tag or tags to any related job in the future and the jobs will be instantly grouped. 

Using projects

Whereas we use tags to group jobs together, projects are used to group jobs on your invoices. So if you want a group of jobs to appear together on your invoice, be sure to add them to a project.

You can create a project by heading to the same three dots as you do for adding tags, but just ensure you use the project section of the pop-up menu instead.

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