You can create a job from scratch quickly and easily with Coople Hire. To start, you just need to select the plus icon on your home screen.

From there, instead of selecting one of your templates, you can opt to create one from scratch, which will bring up a list of job profiles. This is where you can specify the role you're recruiting for. 

Once you've selected a role, you simply set the hourly wage. You can add multiple roles before tapping Continue.

The next step is to add your shifts. Simply select the date, time and the amount of workers required.

You can add as many shifts as you like, before moving onto the next stage where you add the address and meeting point of the job. 

Then it's just a case of selecting a contact person or adding a new one. You should add the contact details of the person within your company who is best placed to answer any questions about the job from workers.

Next, you just have to enter some basic details. Job names should be descriptive but not too long, and the description should give workers a basic overview of their responsibilities.

Last but by no means least, you'll be taken to a summary of your job. Here you can add more details such as a dress code, but if you're happy with everything, just tap Publish Job.

As soon as that's done, your job will be live. Be sure to check your app again soon to review your applicants and start hiring.

💡Top tip: If you think you will use this job again, make sure the 'Save as template' box is ticked on the job summary screen.

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