Are you registered with your regional employment agency (RAV) and receiving unemployment benefits? If so, it is important that you indicate this in your Coopler profile so that we can issue an interim gain certificate together with your pay slip, which must be submitted to the unemployment insurance fund.

This is how you indicate in your profile that you are receiving unemployment benefits:

#1: Click on the profile icon at the bottom right to go to your Coopler profile. Now click on the menu in the upper right corner (three lines)

#2: Select the category "Right to work”

#3: Under “more required information”, check the box "I am currently receiving unemployment benefit".

#4: Click save in the top right corner

That's it! Your details are now stored in our system and will be taken into account in the next payroll run. 

Don't forget: as soon as you are no longer receiving unemployment benefits, you’ll need to uncheck this box and click save again.

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