Workers whose yearly earnings fall under 2,300 CHF are entitled to a reimbursement. People above the retirement age who are still working also qualify for a refund.

If by the 31st of December your earnings fall below 2,300 CHF, you will receive an automatic reimbursement from Coople for your AHV contribution. The refund will appear in your account in January after we finish filing and paying taxes to the relevant authorities in Switzerland.

Please check that your bank account details are up to date to ensure you receive your refund. Go to Profile, then Settings, then My Account and then Payment to enter new information if needed.

Can I make a voluntary AHV contribution?

You can always decide to make a voluntary contribution to your pension fund and disability protection scheme.

If your yearly earnings do not exceed 2,300 CHF, but you want to pay your AHV contribution, let us know before the end of the tax year. We will send you a message via the app and email to before the 15th of January to get your feedback.

After the 15th of January, we will not be able to make any changes. This means that if you qualify for reimbursement and we have not heard from you, you will automatically receive it in January.

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