When creating a job assignment, you will see a selection under the title Skills and salary to specify the job profiles. Basically, you specify for what kind of job you are looking for a person and the level of education or experience the person should have. You can also select several different job profiles or specify different levels of experience for the same job profile.

If you click on Select job role, you can select from different job profiles and add one. In addition, you must define a training level under Experience and the hourly wage under Wage. If you want to add more job profiles, click on Add job profile. This means that only Cooplers who have entered at least one of these job profiles in their profile can apply for the job.

Every Coopler on our platform needs to add these job profiles to their profile and select their experience level. These job profiles are checked and approved by our Coople employees on the basis of the documents provided (CV, work experience, diplomas).

For example, if you are looking for a trained waiter or waitress, first select the job profile "Waiter/Waitress" and then the experience level - for example "Skilled". In this case, only those Cooplers who match this job profile and experience level, and also have entered them in their profile, will be requested for the job.

Adding a job role is essential because it ensures your job gets matched with the workers who have the required skills and experience.

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