Cooplers can be organised into groups to make it easier for you to find the workers you need. For example, if you want quick access to your favourite coopers, simply go to My workers and then Favourites.

These groups can also be used to publish a job assignment only to certain people. When you create a new job using the Coople website or the Coople for Business app, you can send it directly to one or more of your groups. This is an ideal option if you want to hire people you already know and don't want to receive applications from other Cooplers.

You have the possibility to send your job assignment to the following groups:

  • Favorites

  • Previously hired

  • Internal employees

  • Exclusive

  • Referred by me

  • Self defined group (the group names you create are only visible to you)

What the groups mean


A group for your favourite workers. You can add Cooplers to your favourites or remove them again at any time.

Previously hired

A group for all the workers that have worked for you through Coopler at least once.

Internal employees

This is a group for internal employees of your company only.


"Exclusive" workers are those who have agreed to only see jobs from your company.

Referred by me

When you refer workers to Coople, they will be displayed in this group.

Self defined group

You can also create your own groups using our web platform and add or remove Cooplers at any time. However, only Cooplers who have already worked for you at least once or who have been linked to your company by Coopler employees can be added to a group.

The following steps allow you to add a group to a job assignment and set the job to be visible only to them.

  1. Click on create job

  2. Complete all required information

  3. Scroll down to the option Invite applicants

  4. Click in the box below Invite specific groups and choose from the dropdown-menu to which group(s) you want to send your job assignment

  5. Select Private job, to send the job assignment only to the group(s) you have selected. If you would like other Coopers to be able to apply in addition to your group(s), please leave this field blank.

  6. Publish your job

What happens after I send a job assignment to certain groups of workers?

We inform the employees from your groups via an in-app notification and also by e-mail that about your new job assignment. The job request is then visible to these persons as a recommendation on their profiles. In addition, the job is also visible to these employees when they search for new jobs in their area.

As soon as the persons have applied for your job, you can hire them immediately.

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