Once you complete your Coople-account, it won't be long until your first job with Coople. As a newbie, it might require some patience in the beginning when it comes to finding and getting hired for a job, but when combining your completed account with the right approach, you'll find your very first Coople job quickly.

A very important upfront piece of advice from us: always apply for EXPRESS or LAST MINUTE work. These assignments are usually in desperate need of workers at a short notice, so we operate on a first come, first serve basis here. This highly increases the chances of getting hired for your first Coople job.

When it comes to generally increasing your hiring chances, we strongly recommend you to maintain your Coople-account in accordance with the following criteria:

  • Always make sure you use a recent profile photo in portrait form, which clearly shows your face

  • Additionally to your profile photo upload some other pictures as well - preferably ones that picture you highly motivated at work

  • Combine these pictures with an engaging profile text about you, in which you include more information about yourself and your persona

  • Add as many job profiles as possible to your Coople-account, so you can benefit from a wider range of our work opportunities

  • Demonstrate your experience and way of working by uploading references, certificates and diplomas to your account

  • Consistently keep your CV up-to-date and consider attaching a cover letter to it

  • Ensure all your required documents, like your right to work, residence permit and payment details are also all up-to-date

  • Furthermore ensure your Coople-account entails the following information: nationality, civil status, confession and your AHV-number (Swiss national insurance number)

  • Turn on all your notifications, so you immediately get notified about new job opportunities and be among the first applicants

After successfully completing your first Coople-assignments, getting 4 star ratings by the companies and proving yourself to be a reliable coopler, you will be hired regularly before you even know it.

Good luck with your job hunt!

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