You can manually check in and out of the app after you have finished your shift or use a QR code to have your hours confirmed by the company directly after your assignment.

It is important that you enter your hours in the app after each shift so that we can pay you for the time you have worked. Each company decides independently how they want to confirm the working hours of the respective Coopers.

First things first: There are two different ways you can enter your hours into the app:

Manually, after your shift: After each shift, you manually enter your hours worked into the app. Once the assignment company has confirmed the hours, we can make the payment.

Scan QR codes: The company scans the QR code that appears in the app before the shift starts and after the shift ends. As soon as the company has scanned the QR code at the end of the shift, this is automatically recorded and confirmed in your profile.

Payment is then made with the next pay run.

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