Prove your right to work as an EU National with settled status

Prove your right to work as a non-EU national

Prove your right to work as a British or Irish national:

  1. Prepare your right to work documents

We need to verify one of these documents:

  1. Your passport. We accept expired passports as long as your picture is recognizable.


  1. Your birth certificate and proof of your national insurance number. This can be a payslip, P60, P45, National Insurance card or home office letter.

2. Complete your right to work check

First, add your preferred documents to your profile

  1. Open the Coople Jobs App

  2. Tap on Profile

  3. Tap on Documents

  4. Add a photo of your preferred document.

Follow these tips to add a photo of your documents

  • If you’re adding your passport, take a photo of the biometric details page. This is the page where your full name and photograph are visible

  • If you’re adding your birth certificate, take a photo of the entire document

  • If you’re adding your National Insurance card, we only need to see the front of the document

  • Check that the document is visible and that it fits into the white border

  • Make sure that the text is clear and easy to read before adding it to your profile

  • Retake the photo if the information is difficult to read

Second, start your online right to work session

Once you’ve uploaded your documentation, you can start your online right to work session from the app. You'll see the following message:

Tap on it, and get started!

You’ll need to show the same documents that you uploaded to your Profile. Please have a good internet connection, good lighting and follow the instructions carefully.

What happens next?

A member of our team will check your right to work details. This usually takes less than 48 hours during weekdays. Once we approve your right to work, you will be able to apply for jobs that suit your profile.

Complete these steps to apply for jobs

  1. Add your work experience, your CV, and a photograph. The more complete your profile is, the more likely you are to get hired.

  2. Add your National Insurance number, bank account details, address and HMRC declaration so that we can pay your wages once you start working.

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