How can I offer allowances to Cooplers?
Employee allowances are a great idea to attract and retain employees.
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Allowances help employees cover expenses they have while performing their role. They usually are an extra sum of money given on top of the worker’s salary to pay for accommodation, transportation or travel costs amongst others.

We recommend that you offer Cooplers perks like food, travel expenses or a taxi ride home when it gets late. In the current market environment, allowances will help your company stand out, and attract and retain the right talent.

If you want to include employee allowances for Cooplers, please follow these guidelines. You can add monetary allowances from the job creation screen and distribute them directly through the regular payroll. For non-monetary allowances, use the job description to inform Cooplers of your offer.

How to add allowances to your job

Please only use this option when you offer monetary allowances:

  1. Create a new job

  2. Scroll down to the allowances section

  3. Select the allowance type

  4. Select the frequency (per hour, per shift, per job)

  5. Add the monetary value

Remember that if you use the allowances section and add a value, you’ll pay it out on top of the salary and Coople’s markup.

Free meals and other non-monetary allowances

If you are offering free meals or other ‘payments in kind’, please explain this within the job description.

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