When a Coopler finishes a shift, they have to submit their worked hours to you for your approval. You can review the hours they submit from the Review hours menu and then Approve shifts, Edit shifts or report that the worker didn’t show up.

If you use a QR code so that workers can check-in and check-out, we will approve the hours automatically. This can save you a lot of time manually reviewing hours and helps avoid mistakes that can result in disagreements over the worked time.

Let’s look at how to review hours first:

Reviewing and confirming hours from the Coople Web Platform

After a worker sends their hours, you will see a number above the Review hours button telling you how many shifts you need to review.

Tap on the button to open the review hours screen. From here:

  1. View a list of Cooplers who worked with you on the left-hand side on the screen

2. Tap on the tick-box on the left of their profile to select all the shift they worked. Then tap on the Approve (x) shifts button at the bottom of the screen to accept them all at once

  1. You can also approve shifts one by one. Tap on the tick-box in each shift box, then tap on the Review button. This is useful if you want to review the reported hours against the planned hours before you approve them. You can Edit a shift or report that the Worker didn’t show up from this screen

Note that if a Coopler has to send their hours you will see a status inside the shift box that says Hours pending. When the worker has not sent their hours six hours after the shift finished, we will submit them automatically. You will see them as Unreported on the shift box.

Editing a shift

We always encourage Cooplers to be accurate when they submit their hours. If the hours a Coopler submitted are different from the actual worked hours, you can adjust them following the next steps:

  1. Tap on the tick-box of the shift you want to review. Then tap on the Review button

  2. Tap Edit shift

  3. Adjust the date and the hours. This is useful when you agreed with the worker an earlier start date or time that the one you planned. Also if the worker had to leave early but reported their full planned hours

Note that we will send any reduction in hours to the worker so they have the opportunity to dispute them.

Reporting a no show

We hope this never happens, but if a Coopler doesn’t come to work but submits their hours you can Report a no show. Follow the next steps:

  1. Tap on the Review button of the shift you want to edit

  2. Then tap on Edit shift

  3. Select The worker didn’t shop up?

  4. Select a Reason for absence from the drop-down menu

  5. Then tap on Report absence

The worker will immediately be deleted from the shift and won’t receive payment.

Rating Cooplers

After the worker's last shift in the job, you will be asked to give them a rating out of four stars:

One star- very poor

Two star- below average

Three star- good

Four star- amazing

Please make sure you complete this step. It rewards good work and helps great Cooplers find more jobs in the future.

Reviewing and confirming hours from the Coople Web Platform

Reviewing hours from Coople for Business is something you can do from an Android and iOS device.

  1. Tap on the hours’ icon

  2. View the job names and shifts. Tap on a worker’s name to review the hours they submitted

  3. Edit the date, start and end time if you think they should be different

  4. Tap on Approve hours

  5. Rate the Coopler if it's their last shift. It helps great workers stand out


How do ratings work?

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