You can cancel a job when you’re sure you can no longer attend.

Please make sure you understand our cancellation policy to avoid getting strikes in your account. If you cancel a job before you’re hired, we won’t penalise you. We do this because our customers have enough time to find other applicants. If you cancel a job after you’ve been hired, we need more than 24-hour notice or we’ll have to add strikes to your account. Cancelling last-minute doesn’t give us or our customers enough time to find a replacement.

Note that we will immediately suspend your account after a No show.

To cancel a job

  1. Open the Coople App

  2. Tap My jobs, then find the job you’d like to cancel in Applications or Hired

  3. Open the job

  4. Scroll to the bottom of the screen

  5. Tap “I can’t attend”

  6. Select the shifts you can’t attend

  7. Tap “Proceed

While we understand there are valid reasons to cancel, try not to do this often. Our customers need flexible and committed workers. If you cancel multiple times, they might not want to hire you again. You’re also putting yourself at risk of getting strikes or suspending your account.

The best thing to do is to make sure you understand all the job details before you apply.

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