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How can I change the experience level of a job profile?
How can I change the experience level of a job profile?

Some job profiles require an experience level: from novice to expert, here's how to add it to your profile.

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Job profiles are the positions you can take as a Coopler. From barbacks and baristas to office assistants and promoters, there are many profiles available.

You need to select job profiles and indicate your experience to apply for jobs. For example, if you see a Chef job profile - Expert experience level, you need to include the right experience in your profile before you can apply.

Add job profiles and change experience levels

  1. Open the Coople Jobs App

  2. Tap on Account

  3. Tap on Job profiles, then tap on Add new job profile

  4. Select the industry

  5. Select the job profile that matches your experience or career goals

  6. Indicate how much experience you have

What happens after you add your experience level?

A member of our team has to approve your experience level you select. We will review your profile and CV to make sure you can work without problems.

Some job profiles require you to have previous experience or qualifications. For example, if you want to work as a chef, forklift driver or warehouse manager, we need to see evidence of your experience or qualifications in your CV and other documents you upload.

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