What is Coople for workers?

How Coople works, what you can achieve with Coople and what makes it different to other flexible job platforms.

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Coople is a platform where you can find flexible jobs that meet your schedule, career ambitions and financial goals. We have more than 10,000 companies registered with us in the UK creating jobs across 140 roles in hospitality, retail, office, warehouse and events industries.

What can I do with the Coople Jobs app?

We exist to make flexible work a rewarding experience. Whether you’re looking for ways to top up your income or a path to gain new skills and progress in your career, Coople supports your ambitions. With the Coople Jobs app, you can:

  • Get shift-based jobs when you need them. Use Coople to top up your income with flexible and temporary work when and where you want.

  • Build your reputation and work regularly. A large number of our customers hire the same flexible workers over and over again. Turn up on time to your jobs, be professional, and get 4-star ratings to develop long-lasting relationships with companies.

  • Achieve your career goals. Meet our expectations, be clear with us and with managers about your goals, and we’ll support you along the way. Many of our Cooplers have transitioned from entry-level positions to team leaders and managers.

Why is Coople different?

Coople is completely free for workers. With us, you can enjoy the benefits of flexible work and the safety of a traditional role. Let us explain why:

  • We employ you: We believe that every worker deserves to be compensated for their work with more than just their wages. Unlike other recruitment agencies or flexible jobs platforms, we are the legal employer of every Coopler who joins our platform. This means that in every shift you do, we include holiday pay, make National Insurance Contributions and add to your statutory sick pay, maternity and paternity leave.

  • We care about your goals: Our matching algorithm finds jobs that are right for you based on your availability, skills, experience and location. If you want to find avenues for career development, apply for jobs where you can gain skills. If all you want is to top up your income, you’ll also find plenty of opportunities to do so.

  • We recommend high wages: Companies are free to set the wages in every job but we recommend they chose to pay above the minimum wage. We know that top-performers deliver value and should be compensated.

  • We pay every week: We understand that you want your wages as soon as possible. That's why, unlike other agencies, we pay you every Friday. Plus, we top up your income with holiday pay.

What is Coople for Business?

Coople for Business is the app that companies use to create jobs. We have a wide range of companies on our platform across hospitality, retail, office, warehouse and events industries. Get an idea of who our customers are reading our case studies.

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