Every time you create a job from the Coople Web Platform, you can add a Purchase Order Number to your invoice. This feature is not available yet on mobile, please make sure you create jobs from the web to add PO numbers.

Add a Purchase Order number

  1. Create a job and fill in all the details.

  2. Go to the section Shifts and click on Add PO number.

  3. Edit the purchase order number.

That’s it! If you want to remove the PO number, click on Hide PO number.

Why it’s a good idea to add a PO number

Adding a PO number helps you track all the expenses associated with this particular job, including the invoices for the number of Cooplers you hire.

After you add a PO number, we will show it in the invoice for this particular job. This will make your accounting easier in the future, particularly if you are creating many jobs with Coople and want to track all of them in an orderly manner.

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