The Coople team will add strikes to your account in line with our cancellation policy. After you get more than 3 strikes, we'll suspend your account.

If you disagree with our decision and think we need to evaluate your case, please launch an appeal directly from this link. You can also start the appeal directly from your Coople Jobs App:

  • Open the Coople Jobs App

  • Tap on Profile

  • Tap on Settings at the top right corner of the screen

  • Tap on Strikes Overview

  • Launch an appeal

What happens next?

Our team will carefully consider the circumstances that motivated our decision. We will ask you to provide evidence to support your case. For example, if you had an accident, you had to care for an ill relative or your childcare support failed, we’ll need to see a doctor’s note or another form of evidence.

We'll carefully consider each case on an individual basis. Once we've made a decision, you'll receive an email with the results of your appeal. Please be patient, these things take time. We want to give everyone a fair opportunity.

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