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How do I change the language and country settings?
How do I change the language and country settings?

If you're seeing jobs in the wrong country, or the app seems to be in a different language, you'll need to change the settings.

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Nothing making sense? Not to worry, follow these simple steps to get your app's country and language settings to match your requirements.

First thing's first, tap on the Profile tab in the bottom-right, then tap on Settings (three horizontal lines) in the top right corner. 

On this page you can select Log out (this will always be the bottom option, no matter what language you're viewing the screen in).

Next, tap on 'Change country and language' at the top of your screen, to change the settings.

Finally, make sure United Kingdom is selected...

This will automatically adjust the Language settings to English.

Last but by no means least, log back into your account and before you know it, you'll be seeing local jobs in the right language!

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