In order to access your QR code when checking in for your shift, you first need to go to your Dashboard > Check In/Out...

Adjust your hours and then tap 'Check In/Out'. Make sure your employer is ready with their app to scan your QR code. 

If they do not scan your code, don't worry!

You are still able to manually submit your hours if the employer does not use the check in function. Once the shift is complete, just go to the dashboard page of the app and you should see the option to save or submit the hours of the shift. 

You have 6 hours after the end of your shift time to submit your hours so please do not forget! You need to make sure hours are submitted to make sure you are paid correctly. If you don't submit anything, the original hours that were planned will be submitted to the employer for approval. 

Let us know if you need us to submit the hours for this shift on your behalf. We just need the start time, end time, and break length. 😊⏰💰

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