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How can I hire Cooplers? Coople for Business App
How can I hire Cooplers? Coople for Business App

Hire as soon as you start receiving applications to secure our top performers.

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When you publish a job, Cooplers will view it on their Coople Jobs App. Only those with the right Job profiles and Experience level will be able to apply.

Cooplers can apply to one or multiple shifts. As soon as you start receiving applications, we will send you an email and notify you via the app so that you can start reviewing their profiles. You can do this from the phone or the Coople for Web App.

It’s a good idea to hire fast so that you can secure the best candidates.

If you want to speed up the hiring process, you can create groups of workers and send them jobs directly. If they accept them, you will not need to review their profile and make a hire. We can do so automatically.

Hiring the best applicants from the Coople for Web App

Access: you can hire applicants from...

Your Dashboard

  1. Open the job you want to hire for.

  2. Review and hire applicants.

Your jobs

  1. Tap on Understaffed.

  2. Select the job you want to hire for.

  3. Review and hire applicants.

Reviewing a Coopler’s profile

Before hiring Cooplers for the first time, it’s a good idea to look at their profile to decide who you want to hire.

Click on a worker’s name to open their profile. Review details including:

  • Their CV: view it online or download it.

  • Their description: understand who they are in a few words.

  • Their skills: including languages and soft skills.

  • Their recent jobs: get an idea of their experience with Coople.

  • If they are favourite of other companies: this can give you a good idea of how satisfied companies are with this Coopler.

  • The customer reviews: ratings they have received from other companies.

You can Hire or Decline Cooplers directly from their profile.

Or you can make them Favourites tapping the star at the top right of their profile to speed up the hiring process next time.

Shortlisting is only available from the Coople Web Platform for now.

Hiring Cooplers

You can hire Cooplers directly from their Profile.

You can also hire them for one or multiple shifts.

  1. Tap on their profile.

  2. Select one or multiple shifts.

  3. Tap on Hire.

What happens next?

Once you have hired Cooplers, there is nothing else you need to do. They will have all the information about the job in their Coople Jobs App.

If a Coopler cancels their shift, we will send you an email to let you know what has happened. Our cancellation policy prevents Cooplers from cancelling with short notice. Let us know if you have any issues finding a replacement.

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