We know getting jobs can seem difficult at first, but there are things you can do to increase your chances of being hired. Let’s take a look at them:

1. Is your Profile approved?

When you register with Coople, you need to follow these steps before applying for jobs:

  1. Upload your legal and supporting documentation

  2. Do your right to work check

  3. Complete your Profile, including choosing job profiles and experience levels

A member of our team will verify your information, check your right to work and approve your job profiles or let you know what’s missing.

Only once your full profile is approved, you’ll be able to apply for jobs. Make sure you include all the important details.

2. Does your profile look the best it possibly can?

Each time you apply for a job with Coople, there will be someone carefully reviewing your profile to make a hiring decision. Make sure you show the best version of yourself! Here are some tips that can help:

3. Have you done any last-minute shifts?

It happens. Companies sometimes prefer to hire Cooplers with previous experience in the platform and good ratings. So, how can you get your first job and build your reputation?

An excellent way to get a job is to apply for last-minute shifts. These are shifts that start as early as the next hour. When companies urgently need staff, we send notifications to all Cooplers with the right job profiles.

While we understand that it’s challenging to work last-minute shifts, we also know that your chances of getting hired are very high for these jobs. If you arrive on time, try your best and have a positive attitude throughout your shift, you’ll have better chances of receiving your first 4* rating. Do a few of these shifts and your profile will become very attractive for hiring managers!

4. Have you been an early applicant?

Let us tell you a secret: companies are usually in a hurry to fill jobs. If you apply early with the right skills and experience, your chances of getting hired will go up.

You can see the jobs where you can be an early applicant from your Coople Job App under the Search menu. They have a label that says Be an early applicant. Be that person, get jobs, gain skills and thrive!

5. Have you chosen popular Job profiles and Experience levels?

Job profiles are the roles we have in Coople across retail, logistics, office, hospitality, event jobs and more. The jobs we recommend you, and the requests you receive are based on your chosen Job profiles.

An excellent way to increase your chances of getting a job is to include as many Job profiles as possible. Some Job profiles admit novice experience and are popular on the platform. These include Waiting staff, Cleaning professional or Picker & Packer. We recommend you choose as many as you can and select your experience level.

Other Job Profiles require specific skills and experience. Some examples include Forklift Driver, Head Chef or Receptionist. If you want to select any of these roles, make sure you include relevant experience in your CV and upload supporting documentation that shows you’re prepared to do the job. Remember that a member of our team will check your Job profiles before they approve them.

Finally, check the experience level you have chosen for your Job profiles. Some jobs will require a different experience level than what you have selected. You can change this any time from your Profile if you’re confident you can do the job! Don’t risk getting a bad rating because you turn up for a job without the necessary experience.

6. Have you been active on the platform?

It’s important you know that we send more job requests to those Cooplers who log in, apply for jobs, are Favourites for some companies, and have good ratings. If you don’t log into the app for 28 days or more, we’ll stop sending you job requests. We understand that you’re not interested or it’s not the right time.

If you want to avoid this, make sure you check the app frequently. Our recommendation is that you open your Coople Job App at least once a week. There will be new opportunities for you!

In summary...

We strongly encourage you to follow the steps above, be patient and keep trying.

Once you get a few jobs, get 4-star ratings and build your reputation as a trusted Coopler, it will be easier to find more work, gain skills and take your career to the next level.

Keep applying for jobs, you will get there!

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