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How can I upload professional documents to my profile?
How can I upload professional documents to my profile?

Showcase your skills and experience by adding diplomas, certificates, and driving licenses to your worker profile.

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To be considered for certain jobs, further qualifications might be required. In those cases, your profile will need to be reviewed and approved.

You can add documents that demonstrate your education, language skills, professional licenses, and more to your worker profile. They're a great way to show you’re a qualified candidate!

Documents can be attached directly to your profile or to individual sections of your digital CV.

Uploading documents to your profile

What documents can you upload?

  • Driving licenses: some jobs require a driving license. Make sure to add it to your documents.

  • Diplomas: show your education and professional training.

  • Certificates: from language certificates to emergency first aid and mixology, we have a wide range of certificates you can upload.

  • Recommendation letters: show how previous companies or managers can vouch for you.

How to upload documents to your profile

  1. Open the Coople Jobs app

  2. Tap on Account

  3. Tap on View Profile

  4. Here, you can upload various documents in the respective sections

  5. Take a photograph of your document or upload a copy from your phone or cloud system

You can attach files, e.g. reference letters, certifications, or diplomas from jobs or your education, to individual sections of your digital CV.

If you want to attach a file to your digital CV, please note that you’ll need to re-upload the document. Any existing documents in your profile that you’ve uploaded in the past (such as the ones described above) won't automatically be attached to your digital CV and needs to be uploaded again manually.

To attach a document to an experience or education section:

  1. Click Edit next to the desired section

  2. At the bottom of the screen, click on Upload a file

  3. Click on Save

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