Add documents that demonstrate your education, language skills and professional licenses to show you’re a great candidate.

What documentation can you upload?

  • Diplomas: show your education and professional training.

  • Driving licenses: some jobs require a driving license. Make sure you add it to your documents.

  • Certificates: from language certificates to emergency first aid and mixology, we have a wide range of certificates you can upload.

Upload your professional documents

To add your CV, first make sure you have saved it on your phone or cloud system, like Google Drive, iCloud or Microsoft365. You can also take a picture of it with the Coople Jobs App.

  1. Open the Coople Jobs App.

  2. Tap on Profile.

  3. Tap on Documents, then tap Add document.

  4. Select the document type you want to upload.

  5. Take a photograph of your document or upload a copy from your phone or cloud system.

That’s all!

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