How can allowences be added?
Employers can provide additional allowances to Cooplers when creating a job
Written by Anastasiya Kryvonogykh
Updated over a week ago

If you want to provide allowances such as expenses for meals or transportation costs to Cooplers, you can do this in just a few clicks when creating the job assignment

To do this, select the box Allowances under more options when creating an assignment. Then specify the type of allowance, as well as the frequency and the amount. You can add the expences as flatrate, per hour or per shift. For example, you could provide CHF 20 flatrate expenses for travel costs.

Allowances can also have a negative value. In any case, allowances are charged separately from the hourly costs.

All allowances are already visible to Cooplers in the conditions when the job assignment is advertised.

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