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How can I add allowances and deductions to a job?
How can I add allowances and deductions to a job?

Companies can provide additional allowances to Cooplers when creating a job.

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Allowances help workers to cover expenses they may have while performing their job. They are usually an extra sum of money given on top of the worker’s salary to pay for meals, accommodation, and transportation, to name a few.

We recommend that you offer Cooplers perks like food, travel expenses, or a taxi ride home when it gets late. Allowances will help your company stand out, and attract and retain the right talent.

If you want to provide monetary allowances such as expenses for meals or transportation costs to Cooplers, you can do this in just a few clicks while creating a job on the web platform. Allowances will be distributed directly through the regular payroll.

You can also choose to deduct an expense, e.g. a provided meal or already covered transportation cost, directly from the worker's salary if you do not wish to provide additional compensation for this.

How to add allowances and deductions to your job via the web platform

  1. In the job creator, under More options, select Allowances and deductions.

  2. Select the Category (allowance/deduction).

  3. Specify the Type (meals/travel/other).

  4. Specify the Intervals per Coopler (per hour/per shift). This means each Coopler will get an allowance or deduction of (X amount) CHF, either per hour or per shift. For example, you could provide CHF 20 for travel costs per shift as an allowance, which will be added to their salary.

  5. Specify the Amount (CHF) by adding a number. When adding the CHF amount for a deduction, you no longer need to enter a minus symbol manually. The negative amount will automatically appear in the job details and invoice, ensuring it is processed correctly.

Remember that if you select Allowance and add a value, you’ll pay it out on top of the salary and Coople’s markup.

You may add as many separate allowances and deductions as you’d like for the same job. All allowances are visible to Cooplers in the job details.

Free meals and other non-monetary allowances

If you are offering free meals or other ‘payments in kind’, please add this information to the job description.

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