If a coopler has done a good job and you would like to hire him or her for jobs in the future, it is worth saving the coopler as a "favourite". Your favourites generally receive a job request for every assignment you create. You can also publish jobs exclusively for your favourites.

You can add Cooplers to your favourites by going to My workers in the main menu. All the Cooplers you that have worked fore you in the past are displayed there. Select the Coopler you would like to add to your favourites and click on Add to favourites.

You can also remove existing favourites from your favourites in the same way.

Once you have added a Coopler to your favourites, you are able to send job assignments exclusively to your favourites. Here you can read more about how to invite specific groups for an assignment.

Among the applicants in a job assignment, you can recognise your favourites by the star marking next to the respective Coopler.

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