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How long do I have to confirm a Coopler's hours?

Hiring companies should try and confirm a Coopler's hours as quickly as possible.

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We strive to pay our workers on time, but their payments can't be processed until you’ve confirmed how many hours a Coopler has worked (the actual hours worked can differ from those originally planned).

That's why we encourage hiring companies to confirm a Coopler's hours as quickly as possible. If you have hours to review, you’ll see a banner above your job overview. Simply click on the "Review hours" button to be taken to a list of the hours awaiting approval.

To avoid any delays, if a Coopler’s hours have not been approved manually by you, our system will approve them automatically based on original estimates.

You will be notified about when the next automatic approval will happen. This message will appear at the bottom of the job overview screen and indicate which shifts will be affected by this.

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