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Nobody is applying for my job. What can I do?

Try these tactics to make your job more popular

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Usually several suitable Coopler apply for a job within a short period of time. However, there may be rare occasions when no Cooplers apply.

This can have several reasons. Possible reasons could be:

- Few available Coopers in this area

- Difficulty in getting to the location by public transport

- Rather unattractive employment conditions (e.g. salary)

Although Coople has thousands of qualified workers registered from a wide range of industries and from all over Switzerland, our pool of suitable Cooplers is limited in certain regions and for certain occupational fields.

These tactics make a job assignment usually more attractive:

- Increase of the hourly wage

- Add additional job profiles (also a different level of education)

- Allowances for travel expenses

- Overnight accommodation in case of a remote location or bad public transport connections

If no one applies for your job, we recommend that you always contact our Coople Customer Care as soon as possible. Our Customer Care Specialist will be happy to assist and advise you on the best possible tactics to make your job assignment more attractive.

This is how you can reach our Customer Care Team:

Phone: 044 554 50 00

Or via InApp - Chat function in the Coople Help Center

Mon - Sat: 06:00 am- 19:00 pm

Sun & Holidays: 10:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.

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