What happens once I publish a job?

As soon as a company has published a job, all suitable Coopers can apply for it via the Coople Jobs App

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After you have created and published a new job assignment, our system automatically sends out job requests to suitable Cooplers. These job requests are generally sent randomly, so not all Coopers will automatically receive a job request.

If you have activated the checkbox "visible to all Coopers" in the job assignment, the job will also be listed in the public jobs in the Coople Jobs App. This way, Cooplers can also apply for the job who have not directly received an job request but still fit the job.

For the Cooplers are all job-relevant details, such as the hourly wage and the working hours, location and company visible in a job request. The Cooplers therefore have all the information they need to make the decision to apply or not. However, your contact information will only be visible to Cooplers once you have employed them.

Once Cooplers have applied for your job assignment, you will receive a notification. To check the applicants, you only have to log into your Coople profile. After, the list of candidates will be displayed in the job assignment. In order to get more information about a Coopler, you simply can click on the Cooplers name, so that you can see more details about the Coopler. In addition to their contact details, you will also find their curriculum vitae and the ratings of their last job assignments. In the overview of the candidates you can also see the dates for which the Cooplers have applied and approximately how much the Cooplers employment will cost you for that period. Also you can preselect the Coopler you prefer or directly reject these who are not suitable for you. These then will immediately receive a rejection and will no longer be displayed in the overview.

Normally you will receive applications quite quickly, but it is always a good idea to advertise the job as soon as possible. Before you hire a Coopler, we also recommend that you first contact the Coopler.

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