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How much does it cost to hire Cooplers?
How much does it cost to hire Cooplers?

When you create a job, we show you an estimated price that includes wages and our fee.

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To understand how much you will pay to hire Cooplers for a job you need to look at the Wage, the Cost and the Estimated total cost when you create a job.

Your Final cost will reflect any changes you make after publishing the job, like adding more shifts or removing workers. We will also include a 20% VAT.

Let’s look at everything in detail:

Understanding Wage per hour

When you create a job, you can select how much you want to pay each Coopler per hour. This is the Wage per hour (£).

Depending on the Job role and the Experience level, we recommend you a wage per hour to attract top performers. For example, if you want to hire more experienced staff, consider our wage recommendation to get the right people applying for the position. We also recommend you pay a higher rate for urgent jobs. It will make your position more attractive to Cooplers who can work a last-minute shift.

You can adjust this as long as the salary per hour is above the National Minimum Wage.

Understanding Cost

The Cost (£) is what you pay per worker per hour including the Coople fee.

Our fee includes National Insurance and pension contributions, holiday pay, the apprenticeship levy and our earnings. Please take a look at our pricing page to understand the full list of services we provide in exchange for our fee.

Understanding the Estimated total cost

When you select the number of shifts and the number of workers you need, we will show you an Estimated total cost for the job.

You will only accept this cost when you publish the job. We will only charge you when you hire Cooplers and review their working hours. Until that point, using Coople is always free of charge.

Understanding the Final cost

The Final cost, or what you pay to hire Cooplers for a job, might be different from the Estimated total cost you see when you publish a job.

To put it simply, the Final cost is the total confirmed hours x the hourly wage + 20% of VAT.

Your invoice will contain a final cost for multiple jobs. We will send your invoices on Tuesdays and Wednesdays depending on your account set up. If you have set up a direct debit, payment will usually be taken within 24 hours - on the invoice due date.

What can affect the Final cost?

Editing the job

  • Adding or removing workers from the shift will change the final cost.

  • Adding or removing shifts to the job will change the final cost.

  • Editing the start and end time of a shift will change the final cost.


You may have planned to hire 10 workers but in the end, we only covered the shift with 8 workers. This will change the final cost.


The final cost includes 20% of VAT.

The Equal Pay under the Agency Worker Regulations (AWR)

If any workers qualify for Equal Pay, they will be paid a higher wage too. Our HR team will get in touch with you to establish the equal pay rules with your business if this is the case.

Bonuses, commissions, allowances, or expenses

Bonuses, commissions and allowances are subject to our fee/mark-up factor as they are subject to tax and NI deductions under HMRC guidelines.

Overtime rate agreements

You may have overtime rate rules in your business, for example, if your workers do more than 40 hours of work in a given week. Please discuss these rules with your Account Manager.

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