Companies based in the UK can create a Coople account in minutes from our website.

Once we verify your details and activate your account, you will be able to hire from our pool of 200,000 flexible workers across hospitality, retail, events, logistics and more. This is the process we follow.

1. We will help you create your business account

We will ask you for your work email address and a few questions about:

Your staffing needs

  • When you need staff.

  • The number of workers you need.

  • The average shift length.

  • The job roles you need to fill.

Your details and the company information

  • Your full legal name and your phone number.

  • Your company’s legal name and registration number.

  • Your company’s address.

2. We will set up your direct debit and activate your account

We will ask you to set up your direct debit to make recurring payments. You will only pay for the hours that Cooplers work with you. There are no upfront payments or hidden fees.

During weekdays and working hours, it will take us less than 15 minutes to activate your account. Outside of our regular business hours, your account will be active within the same day of setting up your direct debit.

Please note that If Direct Debit does not suit your business structure we can discuss other options with our Sales and Accounts team.

3. Hire our flexible workers!

You can start hiring and managing flexible workers straight away!

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