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How can I use templates to post a job? Coople for Business App
How can I use templates to post a job? Coople for Business App

All templates you create on the web platform are also available on mobile.

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Create job templates from the Coople Web Platform to save time when you post jobs. All Job templates and Recently created jobs are available on web and mobile. Here’s how you can access them from your phone:

  1. Tap the ‘plus’ icon on the Dashboard. Here you will see Create a new job, Templates, Drafts, Recently created jobs.

  2. Select the template or other job type that you want to use from this list.

  3. Edit shift date, start and end time, break duration and number of workers. Tap Create shift to continue.

  4. Add new Shifts by tapping the plus icon. Tap Continue after you create all the shifts you need for this job.

  5. Review and edit any details.

  6. Tap Publish Job to make the job visible to Cooplers.

  7. Review all the information and tap on Publish shifts.

Creating a job using a template from Coople for Business is something you can do from an Android and iOS device.

What happens after you publish the job?

Cooplers will be able to see your job on their Coople Jobs App and apply for one or multiple shifts.

We will send you an email and in-app notification when you have enough applicants. We recommend you hire as soon as possible to secure the best candidates.

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