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How can I choose job profiles and experience levels?
How can I choose job profiles and experience levels?

Job profiles represent the roles you’re interested in. Add job profiles and your experience to receive job requests.

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Job profiles are the different roles available at Coople that you can work in. From qualified healthcare professionals to entry-level jobs as waiting staff or cleaning professionals, there are over 140 job profiles in 5 industries that you can choose from.

When you choose your job profiles, you also need to add your experience. We do this so that companies receive qualified applications. You also get a higher wage when you’re more experienced in line with the government regulations (GAV).

Tip: If you’re new in the job market or want to try out new roles, choose job profiles with novice experience that don’t require previous professional experience or qualifications.

Let’s look at how you can get your job profiles approved:

Add job profiles and experience

  1. Open the Coople Jobs App

  2. Tap on Account

  3. Tap on Job profiles, then tap on Add new job profile

  4. Select the industry

  5. Select the job profile that matches your experience or career goals

  6. Indicate how much experience you have

Show your experience in your CV

When you choose a job profile, please make sure that your CV explains your professional experience in similar roles. Make sure you include the months or years you’ve worked in every role you add. Mention any diplomas, licenses or documents that you’ve earned during your training.

Add educational diplomas and documents

When you select a job profile, you will see that some require a diploma, license or other documents that prove your competencies.

For example, to approve your skilled chef job profile we need to see that you have a Federal VET Diploma (EFZ) as a chef, or a Federal VET Certificate (EBA) and at least 3 years of experience, or candidates with vocational training and at least 3 years of professional experience in the sector can apply.

Please upload these documents to your profile. We will review them and your CV to approve or decline your job profiles.

Choose novice job profiles in high demand

There are many jobs in high demand where you don’t need previous experience to apply, just your willingness to learn and work hard.

Waiters, Cleaners, Cloakroom attendants or Bike couriers are just a few of the roles that admit novice experience with no other education, diploma or previous work experience required.

The only thing you need to do is to add them as job profiles. They will automatically be approved without having to check your CV.

What happens after you choose a job profile and experience?

A member of our team will review your CV and documents to approve the job profiles that require experience levels. You will be notified when we approve or reject them.

We’ll also send you an email after we reject your job profile explaining that we need to see evidence of your education or experience to approve it. Upload the right documents and update your CV if necessary to try again.

Tip: If you see a job you like and have the right experience, add a new job profile and apply. When we see that you have started an application, we will prioritise our approval process to help you get working soon. Remember to update your CV and documents if necessary.

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