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How can I edit a live job? Coople for Business App
How can I edit a live job? Coople for Business App

You can edit a live job to add shifts, change the date, times and number of workers you need.

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Coople helps companies hire flexible and committed workers. We exist to help you thrive at times when there is a fluctuating demand and you need to grow or shrink your team. This is why you can always edit a job after you've published it from the app or the Coople Web Platform.

From the Coople for Business App, you can:

  • Change the date of a shift

  • Change the start and end time of a shift

  • Change the number of workers you need

  • Change the date of a shift

  • Change the start and end time of a shift

Please make these changes as soon as possible. Our Cooplers need to schedule their work in advance so that they can meet their career goals and spend time taking care of their friends, family, health and well-being.

For example, if you no longer need as many workers as you initially thought, edit the job to change the number of workers. Otherwise, you will continue receiving unwanted applications. At the same time, Cooplers who have applied will be waiting to hear from you and might turn other job opportunities down.

Thanks for helping us build a great experience for all. Coople is a platform where collaboration is key to make flexible work rewarding for everyone involved.

Edit a live job from the Coople for Business App

Edit the details of your job on the go. You can also learn how to edit shifts from the web platform.

  1. Go to the job list (💼 icon) and select the job you want to edit

  2. Tap on the three dots menu at the top right corner

  3. Then tap on Edit shifts

  4. Edit the shift date, the start and end time and the number of workers you need for the shift

  5. Tap on Publish changes

What happens after I edit a job?

We will send a message to all Cooplers you hired to inform them of the changes you made to the job. They can accept these changes or decline them if they cannot make it to the new job dates or times.

All Cooplers who decline the job will be immediately removed from the list of workers. Don’t worry, you don’t need to do anything at this point.

If the new times or dates overlap with jobs that the Cooplers are already hired for, we will also automatically remove them from the list of workers after you make the changes.

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