Your Coople profile picture is the first thing hiring companies will see when reviewing your application. Add a professional photo of yourself to create a great first impression on hiring managers. 

Upload a professional photo

  1. Open the Coople Jobs App

  2. Open your profile

  3. Tap on the camera icon

  4. Upload a cover portrait photo

It’s a good idea to upload other pictures that tell your professional story. For example, chefs can upload a picture with their uniform, couriers might pose with their bikes and bartenders can show their cocktail making skills. 

Tips to take great profile photos 

  • Be the only person in the picture, companies only want to see who they’re about to hire. 

  • Pose in front of a neutral background like a white wall, or choose a setting that describes the work you do.

  • Choose the right clothes. There’s nothing wrong with wearing casual clothes, just make sure you look professional. 

  • Avoid wearing objects like hats or sunglasses. 

  • Avoid using filters

  • Avoid selfies

That’s it, you can learn more about how to take great professional photos without a budget and professional photographers in this blogpost!

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