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How can I invite a group of workers to a job?
How can I invite a group of workers to a job?

Creating groups help you invite pools of workers to a job.

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Every time you create a job, you can invite specific groups of workers to apply. This is useful when you know who you want to work with and want to avoid getting applications from others.

These are the groups of workers you can send your job to:

  • Previously hired

  • Your favourites

  • Referred by me

  • Private

  • Internal employees

  • Your groups of workers (you will see the names you have given to these groups)

Invite groups of workers from the Coople Web Platform

  1. Click on the button Create job at the top of the main screen

  2. Complete all the information

  3. Go to the section Invite applicants at the end of the job creation screen

  4. Click on Invite specific groups, then select the group you want to send the job to from the dropdown menu

  5. Select Make this job private to send this job only to the group or groups you have selected. If you also want Cooplers to apply, then leave this box blank.

  6. Publish your job.

What happens after I invite workers to a job?

We will notify the workers in the groups via an app notification and an email. They will also see the job in the Coople Jobs App when they do a search.

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