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How to write the perfect CV for Coople
How to write the perfect CV for Coople

Your Coople CV should include all your work experience and education history so that we can connect you with job opportunities.

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Your Coople CV is different from the CV that you would normally use in the labour market.

Regular CV

Coople CV

Tailored to a specific job

Includes all your relevant work experience

Between 1 and 2 pages long

As many pages as you need it to be

Sent to secure an interview with a hiring manager

Uploaded to increase your chances of getting hired across a variety of jobs

Why is the Coople CV unique?

  • It opens up opportunities

There are 140 different roles that you can apply for in industries as varied as retail, healthcare, logistics, office, hospitality, and events. If you want to apply across a wide range of opportunities, try new industries and grow your career, include all your relevant work experience in your Coople CV.

  • It’s your best option to secure a job

We use your CV to verify your job profiles and experience levels so that you can apply for jobs that interest you. When hiring managers receive your application, they also review it along with other details in your profile. Consider your Coople CV as the opportunity to present yourself and get hired.

You can create and maintain a digital CV directly on your Coople profile. It's easier for you to update and also makes it easier for companies to review your background, so we recommend taking some time to fill it in. Read more about how to set up your digital CV here.

If you'd like to upload your CV as a file, we’ve put together some tips to help you create the type of CV that gets noticed:

Tips to write the perfect Coople CV

Make it as long as you need to

The Coople CV should detail all your relevant work experience. If you want to apply for hospitality jobs only, then it should only contain your hospitality experience. But if you’d like to apply for multiple roles, add everything that is relevant. Our team will review it to verify your job profiles and experience levels. The only exception are novice job profiles where you don’t need any previous experience to apply.

Start from your most recent work experience

Always put your most recent position first. If you have just graduated and have no work experience, start with your most recent education or most recent volunteer experience.

Use headers and bullet points

Hiring managers have to understand your career history at a glance. We recommend you use headers and bullet points to make it easy for them to scan through your work history and make a hiring decision.

Follow the same structure

Mention the company, your position and the working dates in the header. Then explain your responsibilities, tasks and achievements in bullet points.

Be concise

Be as precise as necessary, but don't overdo it. Managers can always ask you for clarification if something isn’t detailed enough for them.

For example, instead of writing:

“I delivered goods to customers, and loaded and unloaded groceries for them. I also checked orders, and maintained and serviced lorries.”

It’s better to write:

  • Loaded, unloaded & delivered customer goods, checked orders, and looked after and maintained trucks.

Be honest

Sell yourself, but keep in mind that honesty is key. State your achievements but don’t overdo it.

Check spelling and grammar

Mistakes on your CV have a negative impact on your application. Once you’ve finished writing your CV, ask someone to reread it again for you. Or use an online spell checker or the spell check tool in Word.

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