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How can I add my experience level to a job profile?
How can I add my experience level to a job profile?

Choose your experience level to apply for Coople jobs.

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When you choose your job profiles, you also need to choose an experience level. We do this so that companies receive qualified applications. You also get a higher wage when you’re more experienced in line with the government regulations (GAV).

Note that we need to approve your job profile and experience level. Please make sure you meet the requirements before selecting your experience level, include evidence of your competencies in your CV and add any relevant diplomas and documents to your profile. We will review all your information before we approve your job profile and experience level.

Add your experience level

  • Open the Coople Jobs App and go to your profile

  • Tap on Job profile

  • Add a new or select one of your existing job profiles

  • Select the experience level

Our tips

  1. If you’re new in the job market or want to try out new roles, choose job profiles with novice experience that don’t require previous professional experience or qualifications

  2. If you see a job you like and have the right experience, add a new job profile and apply. When we see that you have started an application, we will prioritise our approval process to get you working soon. Remember to update your CV and documents if necessary.

  3. If you want to change your experience level for a particular job, please add a new job profile. Editing the experience you have in one of your approved job profiles is not possible.

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