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How can I cancel a job or a shift after I've been hired?
How can I cancel a job or a shift after I've been hired?

Cancelling your job might add strikes to your account. Make sure you understand our strike policy first.

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We understand that there might be times when you can't come to a job you’ve been hired for. At the same time, we need to protect companies from last-minute cancellations and no-shows.

This is why we have a strike system that allows you to cancel jobs without penalties within a reasonable timeframe. Make sure you understand our strikes policy before cancelling your job.

How to cancel a job or a shift

  1. Open the Coople Jobs App.

  2. Tap on "My jobs" (briefcase icon).

  3. Select the job you want to cancel.

  4. Tap on "I can’t attend".

  5. If you are sure you want to cancel, tap on "I can't attend" again.

  6. Select all shifts you want to cancel.

  7. In case you receive strikes for this cancellation, this will now be displayed. Tap on "continue".

  8. Select a reason for cancelling this shift(s) and tap "continue".

  9. Your shift is now officially cancelled and we'll start to search for somebody else to take your shift with this company.

  10. The overview shows you how many strikes you have in total.

While we understand there are valid reasons to cancel, try not to do this often. If you cancel multiple times, hiring comanies might not want to hire you again. You’re also putting yourself at risk of getting strikes or suspending your account.

Avoid getting strikes

The best thing to do is to make sure you understand all the job details before you apply. If you are no longer interested in a job you have applied for or have other commitments on the day the job starts, withdraw your application before you're hired.

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