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Who decides if I am hired for a job?

Our registered companies will review applications and make the final hiring decision.

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When companies want to hire flexible workers with Coople, they are responsible for posting a job, reviewing applicants and hiring Cooplers. We don’t intervene in this process and can’t speed up hiring decisions or recommend candidates.

How does hiring work?

Companies will post a job and start receiving applications from Cooplers with the right job profile and experience level.

The hiring manager for that job will review the candidates’ profiles and decide who they want to hire. Sometimes they will send the job directly to their favourites and, if they apply, they will be hired automatically.

What can I do to get hired?

Your opportunity to influence the hiring decision lies in creating an impressive profile. We recommend you have a good collection of professional pictures, an up-to-date CV and a compelling About me section. Hiring managers will review this information, along with your documents and reviews from other companies.

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