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How can I refer workers to Coople?

You can invite your own workers to join Coople and enjoy discounted rates when you hire them.

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We know how important it is to work with people you trust. This is why you can now invite anyone you like to join your company in Coople. Send jobs directly to your workers and enjoy reduced rates when you hire them. All this while you benefit from accessing the largest pool of flexible staff in Europe!

Here’s how you can refer workers to Coople from the Web Platform:

  1. Sign into Coople from your computer

  2. Click on My workers > Invite employees

  3. Copy the referral link and send it to everyone you want to work with

Once they join Coople, you’ll find everyone who registered with your link under My workers. From this screen, you’ll be able to create groups and add anyone you like. Organise your workers by skills, location or experience. Add favourite Cooplers and shape your pool in line with your business needs.

Next time you create a job, you’ll be able to invite your workers directly. Find them by their name or send jobs to the groups you’ve created.

The best part? Enjoy a reduced rate per hour every time you hire your referred workers. Grow your pool and scale your business at great rates.

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