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How can I add job profiles and experience levels?
How can I add job profiles and experience levels?

Job profiles describe the positions you need to fill in. They help Coople connect you with the right workers.

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Coople connects companies with flexible workers across logistics, hospitality, retail and office jobs. To match you with the right people we use the information you give us when you create a job:

  • Location

  • Salary

  • Number of workers

  • Shift dates and times

  • Job roles and experience level

Job roles are positions you need to fill in

Job roles are the positions you need to fill in. From barbacks and baristas to office assistants and pickers and packers, there are over 100 roles you can look for in the platform.

Each role has an experience level you can choose: beginner, intermediate or expert.

After you select a job role and experience level, we recommend a rate per hour. The more experience the job role, the higher the salary should be to attract top talent. You can always choose what to pay as long as it’s above the minimum wage.

With each job role, we also suggest expertise and skills. The more details you give candidates about what you expect, the greater chances you have at securing Cooplers that are a great fit.

Cooplers also choose their job roles and experience level when they create their profile.

When you publish your job with a job role, experience level, expertise and skills, our matching algorithm will use this information to request the right Cooplers to apply for the job.

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