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How to search for jobs with the Coople Jobs App?
How to search for jobs with the Coople Jobs App?

Use filters and show us your preferences to stay in control of your job search.

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With Coople, you can be in control of your work search and choose flexible jobs that fit your schedule, location, and salary preferences. This is how you can search for the jobs that are right for you:

First things first, tap on the Explore button to search for jobs

From here, you will be able to:

1.Search for jobs by company name

If you’ve worked with a company before, or you know one of our customers, type their name on the search bar to see what jobs they have.

2.Search for jobs by location

Enter your home address to search for opportunities near you, share your current location to find jobs where you are or look up an address and see if there are any roles available nearby.

3.Search jobs by job profile

We have over 140 job profiles to choose from. Check our suggestions or type your preferred job profile and see what opportunities we have available.

4.Edit your search preferences

Location: Change your location radius to make sure you see jobs that you can commute to.

Salary: Change your salary preferences to see jobs that will help you meet your financial goals.

5.Choose great companies

If you’re motivated by a company’s work environment, check their star rating. Other Cooplers who have worked with our hiring companies have rated their experience. This can give you a good idea of how other people like you have felt on the job.

Next, explore the available jobs:

Once you have set your preferences and know how to search for jobs, it’s time to explore the jobs we have in the app. Notice that you will first see:

Your job matches

These are jobs that our algorithm suggests based on the information you give in your profile, your preferences and your activity. Enable push notifications to never miss a job opportunity and dismiss or apply every time to get better matches with time.

And then you will see:

All open jobs

These are all the jobs that we have in the app. We recommend you explore the opportunities available to get an idea of the type of roles we offer and the companies that are registered with Coople.

Finally, understand labels to apply for jobs that are right for you:

  1. Has night shifts: these jobs pay higher than your regular 9-5

  2. Be an early applicant: increase your chances of getting noticed by applying early

  3. Permanent: an opportunity to be hired for a permanent position

Urgent: a last-minute opportunity where Cooplers are urgently needed.

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